October Update

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Below is an overview of site milestones, followed by a selection of site photos (taken 4th October) and an update on programmed completion dates. General Site Update:

  • Resource Consent - Approved

  • Building Consents: Stage 1 (Structural) is approved, Stage 2 (Fit Out) is approved, just waiting on the subdivision consent approval (it's with Hutt City Council, who are working through a covid-19 related backlog).

  • Black Interiors are currently coordinating the material load-ins, undertaking the framing of levels one and two, demolishing the ground floor tenancies, doing the first fix of the sprinkler and plumbing systems, and starting to install bracing. So just a little bit of action onsite! .

  • Coming up next is the installation of exterior scaffolding, electrical services first fix and framing up of level 3.

ABOVE: Current Status of Ground Floor Tenancies.

ABOVE: Detailing on Level 1 servicing installations.

ABOVE: Framing going up on Level 1.

ABOVE: Level 2

ABOVE: Roof.

Programmed completion dates:

As you will appreciate, the recent COVID-19 lockdown for Wellington and ongoing situation in Auckland has been challenging for the entire construction industry, but at this point 8 Laings Road remains on track, with an estimated practical settlement date of June 2022(note that final settlement dates are determined by Lower Hutt City Council processing of approvals). High level construction milestones are outlined for you below:

  • Construction Complete: 22 April 2022.

  • Code of Compliance processing via Hutt City Council: April - June 2022.

  • Final settlement: June.

Ongoing contact:

If you have any questions at all, please do direct them to your preferred sales representative:

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